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To date, that means:

 134,230 people engaged with our international youth campaign ‘What’s Your Story?’
 93,695 kids and 259,459 parents/teachers have engaged with our global ISKF education programs.

Thanks to our 500+ Trend Micro volunteers around the world, Trend Micro has gained a strong reputation for rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in our local communities. We are making a real difference in promoting the safe, responsible and successful use of the internet and technology.

Ashley Millar talks about Real Community Impact in Australia
Thousands of kids, parents and teachers nationwide engaged with ‘What’s your Story?’ Australia in 2015. As part of ‘Stay Smart Online’ week the Australian government partnered up with Trend Micro hosting the award ceremony at their Parliament House in Canberra where our competition winners received their prizes. Check out the campaign


“Running the ‘What’s Your Story?’ competition in Australia for the 2nd year was an exhilarating experience. Receiving the feedback from kids, parents, teachers and partners about how much they enjoyed the competition really made all the hard work worthwhile, and it feels great when you have that ‘proud’ moment and you realise the important part we play in encouraging an open conversation about online safety between kids. Bring on 2016!”
Ashley Millar, Trend Micro Australia.

Our ISKF team in Ireland have been busy

Our internet safety team in Ireland have delivered an internet safety youth programme impacting over 4,000 students, sponsored an ‘Excellence in Education’ Award and ‘What’s Your Story?’ Ireland is now also a finalist in the Digital Marketing Awards 2015.

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