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Internet Safety for Kids & Families

Our Global Outreach

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To date, that means:

 134,230 people engaged with our international youth campaign ‘What’s Your Story?’
 93,695 kids and 259,459 parents/teachers have engaged with our global ISKF education programs.

Thanks to our 500+ Trend Micro volunteers around the world, Trend Micro has gained a strong reputation for rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in our local communities. We are making a real difference in promoting the safe, responsible and successful use of the internet and technology.

Ashley Millar talks about Real Community Impact in Australia
Thousands of kids, parents and teachers nationwide engaged with ‘What’s your Story?’ Australia in 2015. As part of ‘Stay Smart Online’ week the Australian government partnered up with Trend Micro hosting the award ceremony at their Parliament House in Canberra where our competition winners received their prizes. Check out the campaign


“Running the ‘What’s Your Story?’ competition in Australia for the 2nd year was an exhilarating experience. Receiving the feedback from kids, parents, teachers and partners about how much they enjoyed the competition really made all the hard work worthwhile, and it feels great when you have that ‘proud’ moment and you realise the important part we play in encouraging an open conversation about online safety between kids. Bring on 2016!”
Ashley Millar, Trend Micro Australia.

Our ISKF team in Ireland have been busy

Our internet safety team in Ireland have delivered an internet safety youth programme impacting over 4,000 students, sponsored an ‘Excellence in Education’ Award and ‘What’s Your Story?’ Ireland is now also a finalist in the Digital Marketing Awards 2015.

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IT Company of the Year: Trend Micro Triumphs at the IAIR Awards

At Trend Micro it’s always been our overriding goal to make the world a safer place in which to exchange digital information. Over the past 26+ years we’ve been able to do just that, thanks to an extensive global team of threat researchers and some of the most innovative and effective security solutions on the planet. Our customers know through experience the value of this unwavering commitment. But it’s also nice to be validated by other sources.

That’s why we are thrilled to have won the prize for IT Company of the Year – Security Software Europe- at the prestigious IAIR Awards this year.
Securing the cloud
Cloud computing is already fundamentally reshaping the way we live and work. Through the power of virtualisation and cloud services companies are able to be more productive, agile and streamlined, saving costs and generating previously unheard of IT efficiencies. But there are dangers. Traditional cyber security solutions cannot simply be shoe-horned into these new environments. In the worst case scenario, they can cause severe performance issues and leave gaps which the bad guys are only too willing and able to exploit.

That’s why Trend Micro provides a range of cloud and virtual-ready products to secure your environment – whatever stage of the journey to the cloud you’re at. Our flagship Deep Security offering secures physical, virtual, and cloud servers from a single integrated platform – helping customers reduce operating costs, minimise data breaches and meet onerous compliance requirements.

Boasting anti-malware, file and system integrity monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, stateful firewall and log inspection, it offers comprehensive protection from the latest threats. What’s more, with virtual patching and the option of agentless architecture it has been designed to close off those gaps in protection as efficiently as possible, allowing you to accelerate the RoI of cloud and virtualisation.

An IAIR winner
It’s continuous innovation in developing products like these that’s helped us win awards like the one we received in London on the 28th October. Now in their fifth year, the IAIR Awards are an arbiter of excellence in the corporate world. They’re an offshoot of IAIR – one of the fastest growing magazines in the world, which reaches hundreds of thousands of business leaders and decision makers globally. It’s even backed by the European Commission with a mission to promote excellence in the global economy and sustainability.

Its aims in this marry with our own. In fact, sustainability and corporate responsibility have been at the heart of what we do since our founding in 1988. That’s why we set aside 1% of our profits for Global Citizenship programs, and have been named on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for more than eight years running.

Thanks for your continued support. We’ll enjoy this award, then get back to what we do best – protecting our customers around the world from the worst the bad guys can throw at us.