Complete Trender Diversity


How diverse is Trend Micro Ireland?
With a gender balance of 1.3 males to 1 female, average age 37, and 27 different nationalities, very!
At Trend Micro Ireland, we embrace all of our differences naturally, across the inclusion categories, and without excess fanfare. Whichever your gender; whomever your partner may or may not be; whatever your beliefs or capability; however many birthdays you have celebrated; or wherever you are from, you can be the best part of yourself here. We are like nowhere else.

Why is this important to us?
We are already a transnational company with Eva Chen CEO, and diverse global & European senior leadership. In addition to the human benefits of inclusion, much validated research has proven that optimal diversity drives optimal collaboration, innovation and more i.e. Trend’s core cultural values.

Can we achieve even more diversity?
Yes. With the introduction of our Complete Trender Diversity programme, we will (a) celebrate more all that we have in place and (b) ensure on an ongoing basis that all categories are well and evenly-represented. Here are some initial plans:

• Further-embrace all of our differences through a Complete Trender Diversity Calendar utilising our Cork Comms intranet, canteen TV screens, and close partnership with Brook Food Services to recognise these days though lunch menu offerings etc.

• Collaborate with Cope Foundation on a Grand Job pilot here at Trend Micro Ireland. Grand Job is a scheme that promotes workplace inclusion for those with intellectual disabilities. Find out more about this great initiative at:

• Not solely driven by diversity, implement a 3rd Level Links strategy for 2016 to include interns across Sales, Technical Support, Customer Operations and IS. In addition to average age and longer-term talent drivers, we will really benefit from next generation perspective.

To celebrate the launch of our Complete Trender Diversity, we had a crepe cart serving a diverse range of fillings…



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