Let the Trend Micro Ireland Blogging Commence!

For some time now at Trend Micro, lots of great content, blogging etc. have been circulating through company sites, LinkedIn, twitter et al. To be expected, the majority of this has been focused on the cybersecurity landscape and Trend’s three fantastic product solution offerings: Complete User Protection, Custom Defense and Cloud & Data Center Security…even Better when Together.

At Trend, we are extremely proud of our company, products and particular 2015 Customer & Trustworthiness cultural focuses. Here at Trend Ireland, whether you are a potential customer or candidate, we are at a point where we would really like to add to the content mix with more blogging also from HR, recruitment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspectives. Why exactly?

1. Employer brand – though one of our company mottos is ‘no ego’, we strongly feel much more insight into Trend Ireland needs to be out there. Often, we have attended other-company or sector events on particular topics and felt “we have been doing that since the very beginning!” No company is perfect, but now definitely feels like the time to better-advocate all of the positives we have in place here.

2. Employee advocacy – linked to the above, Ireland-based Trenders have often articulated “how come my family, friends and professional connections are not more aware of all the pluses here?” With this blog, a medium now exists for Trend Ireland organisational insight and updates to be posted, that can subsequently be shared by Trenders to their social networks.

3. Talent pooling – in tandem with posting current open Trend Ireland roles on the Trend EMEA Careers portal, we are very keen to continually-attract and hear from potential future Trenders. Through this blog, whether a potential customer or candidate, we really hope that you will like what you read and see, and have an interest in finding out much much more.

So, with the above organisational context, let the Trend Micro Ireland blogging commence! Our intent is to post several times a week here, and absolutely welcome your feedback. Discover Trend. Discover You.

David Barry – Senior Manager, HR

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