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Trend Micro EMEA Operations Centre (Cork, Ireland)

Trend Micro established its EMEA Operations Centre in Cork in 2003 with a start-up team of ~30, and now employs approximately 250 people across the following functions: Centralised Sales, Technical Support, Customer Operations, Information Services, Financial Services, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility.

With the cybersecurity sector literally smoking-hot right now, and Change one of Trend’s core values, the strategic aim of the Ops Centre is the continual pursuit of excellence and innovation to empower Trend’s global mission at EMEA level. All of our functions are positively-transforming on an ongoing basis.

With 7 different functions, more than 20 nationalities and a similar number of languages under one roof, working life here is certainly never dull! Through organisational focuses like communications, learning & development, corporate social responsibility etc., we are very much an aligned and united group though, not to mention a social bunch too!

Roles for which we frequently recruit include:

Sales & Marketing: Inside Regional Account Managers (iRAM), Inside Channel Account Managers (iCAM), Renewals Sales Managers (RSM), Sales Engineers (SE), SMB Marketing and eCommerce/Web

Technical Support: Customer Service Engineers (CSE), Customer Technology Specialists (CTS), Threat Research Engineers (RTL), Critical Account Specialists and Technical Training/QA Specialists

Customer Operations: Customer Service, Data Management, Service Delivery

Please also keep an eye for other exciting roles that periodically arise in IS, Finance, HR and CSR. We are always interested in hearing from potential “future Trenders” regarding all of our roles too.

David Barry, Senior Manager – HR

What’s Your Story 2015


At the beginning of 2015 as I transitioned from a sales role into a social media and content position, I was asked to be involved in Trend Micro’s What’s Your Story competition in Ireland, and drive the social media campaigns for both Twitter @trendISKF_IE and Facebook. The competition itself allowed for young aspiring film-makers and artists to create short films and posters to highlight creative, impactful, safe and responsible ways to use the internet.

To say I jumped at the opportunity was an understatement!

I am going to go ahead and steal a line from a song written by Michael Masser and Linda Creed, recorded by a couple of different artists but I believe made most-famous by Whitney Houston on her self-titled album:

I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

That one line really strikes a chord with me, as having two small kids myself, I feel it is my duty to make sure they know how to be safe, secure, responsible and more importantly, successful online. In the society we live in today, children are now taking the step into the unknown of the internet at a much younger age, and most are more savvy to apps, search engines and social platforms then their parents will ever be. So, if in some little way I could help in spreading the good word of internet safety for kids and families, then it was something I was never going to pass up and was honored to even be asked.

This year’s competition launch in Ireland was the 10th of February, with the winners being announced on on the 20th of May, and was a massive success with schools and individuals from all over the country submitting entries, each more creative then the next. I was amazed at the level of competition this year even from the youngest of entrants, so please if you have time, go and have a look for yourself as these should definitely be seen by a wider audience:

Apart from the all of the above, the most inspiring thing I took from this whole process was the work ethic and commitment of Avril Ronan. I have never in all my time come into contact with someone so dedicated as she to empowering youth online, and I can honestly say that Avril seemed to have more hours in her day than I! Working with her and all other contributors on #WhatsYourStory2015 was an experience I will not soon forget. I am already looking forward to the planning stages and rollout of What’s Your Story 2016, as I know that this will be even bigger and more exciting than this year’s.

If you have been good enough to read this through to the end, you might also follow the above links and give us a like or a follow to show your support. Or maybe leave a comment or share your stories on how you yourself have helped the youth of today be safe and successful online.

Please feel free to share on LinkedIn & Twitter as you see fit.

Thank you for reading,

Barry O’Callaghan – Social Media & Content Manager

Let the Trend Micro Ireland Blogging Commence!

For some time now at Trend Micro, lots of great content, blogging etc. have been circulating through company sites, LinkedIn, twitter et al. To be expected, the majority of this has been focused on the cybersecurity landscape and Trend’s three fantastic product solution offerings: Complete User Protection, Custom Defense and Cloud & Data Center Security…even Better when Together.

At Trend, we are extremely proud of our company, products and particular 2015 Customer & Trustworthiness cultural focuses. Here at Trend Ireland, whether you are a potential customer or candidate, we are at a point where we would really like to add to the content mix with more blogging also from HR, recruitment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspectives. Why exactly?

1. Employer brand – though one of our company mottos is ‘no ego’, we strongly feel much more insight into Trend Ireland needs to be out there. Often, we have attended other-company or sector events on particular topics and felt “we have been doing that since the very beginning!” No company is perfect, but now definitely feels like the time to better-advocate all of the positives we have in place here.

2. Employee advocacy – linked to the above, Ireland-based Trenders have often articulated “how come my family, friends and professional connections are not more aware of all the pluses here?” With this blog, a medium now exists for Trend Ireland organisational insight and updates to be posted, that can subsequently be shared by Trenders to their social networks.

3. Talent pooling – in tandem with posting current open Trend Ireland roles on the Trend EMEA Careers portal, we are very keen to continually-attract and hear from potential future Trenders. Through this blog, whether a potential customer or candidate, we really hope that you will like what you read and see, and have an interest in finding out much much more.

So, with the above organisational context, let the Trend Micro Ireland blogging commence! Our intent is to post several times a week here, and absolutely welcome your feedback. Discover Trend. Discover You.

David Barry – Senior Manager, HR